Horndog is an American comic strip created by Isaac M. Baranoff and published by Mystic Studios Productions. It focuses on Bob, a skirt-chasing canine marijuana user who often finds himself in surreal adventures, often involving a variety of sexual experiences.

Since its introduction, it has attained a strong cult following and appraisal from varied cartoonists from both the mainstream and underground scenes.[1] It is frequently ranked highly by users on websites such as The Webcomic List, WebcomicZ and Top Webcomics.

History Edit

Baranoff first created Horndog in 2003 as an underground comic. It is published by Mystic Studios Productions.[2] The online edition of the strip began in 2009, and was hosted on Geocities, before moving to Angelfire, and later to Smack Jeeves. The strip has remained independently published in all of its incarnations.

Premise Edit

Horndog Strip Panel

Horndog comic strip panel

The strip primarily focuses on Bob, a smooth talking dog whose key interests are acquiring cannabis, and sex. His day to day life is often unusual, as he was once buried alive, and his former roommate, Freddy, returned from the dead on multiple occasions, after committing suicide. Bob is often seen engaging in a series of one night stands, and is in an open relationship with Charlene. Leonard is Bob's best friend, sharing the majority of his interests, such as hip hop music and marijuana.

Bob's roommate, Tommy, does not use drugs, but is still called upon to purchase marijuana for the group, and is arrested and jailed. Tommy manages to avoid prison after the police smoke all of the evidence.

Horndog is set on a planet — or alternate dimension — which closely resembles Earth in its development, culture and structure, but is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The strip establishes that the setting retains much of the same country and city names as Earth. Although the comic's stories are often surreal in nature, it also explores a number of social issues, including racism, drug use, AIDS and abortion, although dramatic aspects within the strip are rare, and the stories are strongly comedic.

Black cats represent African Americans, with dogs representing whites. The setting is strongly urban, but the actual city name is not specified. The strip strongly favors cannabis use, with hard drug users portrayed unfavorably.


Despite the strip's lack of promotion, Horndog has ranked as highly as #12 on WebcomicZ,[3] #262 on Top Webcomics,[4] and at #352 on The Webcomic List,[5] and has received favorable responses from mainstream and underground cartoonists alike.[1]


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